Date:    August 8-9

Room:  Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Pudong Ballroom 4 (August 8)&Pudong Ballroom 5-7(August 9)


August 8, 2020, Saturday                      Agenda

Conference Chairman:Prof. Tan Tianwei Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society

Executive Chairman: Mr. Wang Zhen Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center

Mr. Zhu Gongshan Chairman, Global Green Energy Industry Council

Opening Ceremony

ModeratorMr. Wang Zhen, Director of Shanghai science and Technology Exchange Center


Government officials

Prof. Tan Tianwei Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society

Mr. Zhu Gongshan Chairman, Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC)

Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink Former Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy,

European Commission, Joint Research Centre V

Keynote Speech & Signing Ceremony


Report on the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Zhangjiagang

Mr. Lu Chongmin

Deputy Mayor of People's Government of Zhangjiagang City


Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation on Hydrogen Energy Industry Development


Plenary Session

ModeratorMr. Jiang Lijun Director of Hydrogen Special Committee of Chinese Renewable Energy Society

Mr. Wang Dong Chief Engineer of Shanghai Space Power Research Institute

TopicPolicy Interpretation and Market Prospect


UNDP Facilitate Hydrogen Economy in the Making in China

Mr. Zhang Weidong

Programme Manager of Energy and Environment Portfolio, United Nations Development Programme


National Policy and Technology Status of Japan Hydrogen SocietyV

Mr. Kakuken Konishi

President, Japan NPO


Breakthrough of Automobile Electrification in the New Situation

Prof. Yu Zhuoping

Director of Expert Committee of China Hydrogen Energy Alliance; Director of Collaborative Innovation Center for Smart New Energy Vehicles, Tongji University; Director of National Fuel Cell Vehicle and Power System Engineering Technology Research Center


Preliminary Study On Constructing Low-Cost And High-Safety Green Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain

Mr. Jiang Lijun

Director of Hydrogen Special Committee of Chinese Renewable Energy Society;Chief Expert, GRINM Group; Director, National Engineering Research Center for Nonferrous Metals and New Energy Materials and Products


Opportunities and Challenges: Prospects for Demonstration Projects of Hydrogen Energy Economy in GBAR

Mr. Dominic Yin

President,EESCO P2E2 Hong Kong Ltd

TopicLeading Development of Technology Innovation


An Important Basis for the Development of Fuel Cells-Standards

Prof. Pan Mu

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology


Development of High Performance and High Power Density Fuel Cell Technology

Dr. Chai Maorong

Chief Technology Officer, State Power Investment Corporation Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd.


Research and Progress on High Power Metal Bipolar Plate Fuel Cell Stack Localized Production

Dr. Wang Tao

General Manager, Aerospace Hydrogen Energy (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd.


Opportunities, Challenges and Applications of Fuel Cells

Mr. Robin Zhou

Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Sinofuelcell Company Limited

TopicComprehensive Application Innovation


Energy Investigation Tour on the Process of Hydrogen in the European Energy Transition R

Dr. He Jijiang

Director of Institute of Energy Transition and Social Development, Tsinghua University, China.


Humans Need to Eliminate the New Coronavirus, and Need a Carbon-Free Living Environment, Let Us Embrace the Arrival of "Hydrogen" SocietyR

Mr. Yamaguchi Ken

Chairman Research Fellow, NIKKEI BP

Closing Ceremony

August 9, 2020, Sunday                      AGENDA

Keynote Sppech

ModeratorMrs. Liu Huiping, Director of Green Transportation Special Committee in Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering; the Vice president of Shanghai Energy saving Engineering and Technology Association; director of Committee of Experts in Shanghai Decentralized Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

Topic: Green Transport-Peak Forum on Hydrogen Infrastructure Construction


Risk Assessment and Safety Assurance of Hydrogen Refueling Station

Prof. Chang Huajian

Deputy General Manager, SPIC Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.,

Professor of Tsinghua University


PEM Electrolysis & Power-to-X

Mr.John Zhou

VP, head of Sales & Partnership of New Energy Business, Siemens Energy Co., Ltd.


Planning and Development Route of Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port

Mr. Paul Qiu

Executive Vice Director, Anting Intelligent Industry City Administration Committee, Shanghai International Automobile City


Technical Status and Analysis of Hydrogen Refueling Station

Dr. He Guangli

senior engineer and department manager of hydrogen energy R&D, National Institute-and-low Carbon Energy


Development Prospect of Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Equipment and Hydrogen Refueling Station

Mr. Mei Shuanniu

Marketing Director, Enric Group


Technology and Commercialization of Using Ammonia as Carrier for Hydrogen

Prof. Wang Zhaolin

Professor, The School of Energy Research, Xiamen University


Latest Global Trend in Liquid Hydrogen Production

Mrs. Shen Ying

Linde Greater China, Hydrogen Energy, Senior Manager


Hydrogen as Clean Energy for Transport and Power Sector Applications in AsiaR

Mr. Li Yanfei  

Research Fellow, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

Panel Discussion



Prof. Chang Huajian

Prof. Wang Zhaolin

Dr. He Guangli

Mr. Mei Shuanniu

*This schedule is subject to change.

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